The workshop of Les Idées — my place to live the craft of translation editing. How can we make your book shine for a German speaking audience? The Les Idées editing service is available for books written in or translated into German (English/German and professional Polish/German). Or are you just planning to share your English book with German speaking readers and you still need a translator?

The Les Idées book coaching "I Birth — The DNA of My Story”: We explore the sparkling essence of the book that wants to be written by you. This coaching is ideal for anyone who has got hardly any written material.

The Les Idées book coaching “II Initiation — The Anatomy of My Story”: We will give your book a body with a face by following all those traces and clues that emerged in the process of your work.

The Les Idées language course “My Own Genuine Language — Follow Traces”. We will use different keys and codes to open your inner door. The methods we will apply to explore your genuine language will be individually tailored to you.

The Les Idées language course “The Oil for My Canvas — Silence as a Source for Language”. How can the unspoken be the start of something full of words? I‘d like to show you. We will explore your experience with silence and your ways to “speak” and interpret it.

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