All They Left Behind (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer). I saw a shamanic android facing the relics of humanity.

Au Milieu Des Anges (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer and translated into French by Nathalie Sienko). Dedicated to the creatures I used to call “angels” when I wrote this song.

Closing Eyes (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer). The intensity of the demo Dennis sent to me when working on their new album “Holy” inspired my vision of this apocalyptic scenario. The story is told by the echo of our voices.

Codes, circles, and colours (written by Nadine Stelzer)

In The Garden (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer). You appeared in many shapes long after I had written those words on my quest for a decent elixir. The wounds became scars — strange maps drawn by the shaking hands of the past.

Moving Sky (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer). We shared one winter (...) in intervals. The emptiness between the words became our music.

The Imagined World (written by Nadine Stelzer). Merging the linguistic remains of a ritual with the fragments of Jan’s soundscapes.

Thorns And Lilies (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer). I wanted to express my gratitude to the trees, flowers, and all the other plant spirits that nourish us with energy, air and, I believe, with tales we will never be able to tell.

Oh, my stories! You announce your coming. In my dreams, I receive the first visitors. They ask me gently, sometimes insistently, to make their whispers audible, to use a sheet of paper and turn them into physical beings. My novel Intervalle (intervals) accompanies a man's process of becoming silent, his perception and change in the state of silence.

Your Hair (lyrics written by Nadine Stelzer). Celebrating the ancientness and sensuality of the female body, I danced for myself.

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