Codes, circles, and colours

Slowly you appear and disappear,
shaped like the stones on the seaside,
shape-shifting, drifting, disappearing and appearing
like these stones on the shore.
Your voice leaves the same impression as the recurring sounds of the pebbles.
It drifts away and reaches for my heart
on the beach,
for my toes and fades again,
drawn back by the wet and salty hands of the ocean.
Like the first organism, you crawl to the shore.
I see the opportunities and ancientness of this body,
which is quite similar to mine,
so close to my skin sometimes,
almost myself.
Your trust poured out,
spilled like milk,
enters the soft space in between where my words used to gather,
eager to exit.
Mingled cells,
salty elements,
like the tears that you form when leaving my system.
These drops that remain as a crystallised trace on my cheek.
They are traces,
like your codes, circles and colours.

(January 2021)