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From 2011–2019 I worked (writing, editing, documentation, project and product management) for clients in the e-learning industry (media agencies, educational publishers and institutions, software manufacturers for learning tools) like Avallain AG, Avallain Foundation, Cornelsen, Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V., Helliwood Media and Education, Microsoft, Springer-Verlag, Veritas, etc.

My pet project (2012-2015), an interactive website for German as a foreign language addressed to migrants and refugees, was initiated by Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. and Avallain AG.

Digital education is a fascinating tool to grant individual freedom, reach the ones who are denied the right of knowledge and connect those who want to make a change.



1995-1997: First steps as a volunteer journalist for Allgemeine Zeitung Landskrone, Oppenheim.
2000-2001: In our bi-weekly live radio show Schneewittchen-Projekt I discussed issues of cultural anthropology from a feminist perspective with my co-host Uta Weber at local FM Radio Rheinwelle 92.5.


Les Idées

I was inspired by my love for French writers and thinkers when I founded Les Idées in April 2007. The name flew over my head and landed in my mind.
The playground for ideas and thoughts: sculpture language and convey missions (writing, copywriting, editing, book courses), explore the unseen (language and silence courses), combine and rearrange the elements of ideas (create concepts and experiment with different approaches).


2007: MA in Polish Philology at Humboldt University Berlin
I‘m particularly interested in linguistic questions in the areas of semantics, pragmatics, lexicology, first and second language acquisition, as well as everything related to Slavic languages.


2007: MA in Comparative Literature at Freie Universität Berlin
My areas of interest back then and now: concepts and processes of writing; the inner life of characters



From 2007–2012 I worked as a Pilates instructor for mat and reformer (classes, personal training, and workshops) at Pilates studio Via Pilates and several fitness/dance studios in Berlin.
My passion: verbal instruction and understanding — language in bodywork.



As a singer and songwriter I have been melding my voice with the music of several artists and bands — on stage and in the studio.

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