Moving Sky

We shared one winter (…) in intervals. The emptiness between the words became our music.

The moon begins her flight
Under a moving sky
Circles of fire
Diving into dreams
Getting deeper inside
The sun unwinds in pride

I write it down
A simple and secret “goodbye”

You said “silence”
I said “bird”
“Silence” I thought
And you became this bird
Who in flames was born

5 am
The night is turning into sober light
A constant flow of sound
Singing inside
We‘re drowning into glaring white

“Are there cliffs?”, I asked
You drew maps of vessels on my wrist
The mirror reflected your smile

I write it down
A simple and secret “goodbye”

(geschrieben 2011)

In loving memory of my friend Brian Skipton Clark, who made this song sparkle in its own way: