Thorns And Lilies

I feel a deep connection with the non-human beings around us, in this particular case, the plant world. Without them, our lives would be different, planet Earth, as we know it, nonexistent. As Coil beautifully put it in one of their song titles: “Nature Is A Language”. That‘s one of my credos. The ways of communication of the species sharing our place with us is my favourite of all natural languages. Its nonverbal vocabulary is very sensual, physical and highly intellectual at the same time.
The feeling of peace and belonging is the most intense for me when I let myself be absorbed by the energy of other animals, plants and the elements. I wanted to express my gratitude to the trees, flowers, and all the other plant spirits that nourish us with energy, air and, I believe, with tales we will never be able to tell.

Light and Water: memories
Sound and air: circles?
Lilies and thorns

The radiant mother
Reaches out with her golden arms
Inhale her light
Feel the tickle on your skin

Taste it
Let it dance with your heart
Until it becomes an element of yourself

Absorb our thoughts
Weave a dream out of it
Absorb our thoughts
Give it a sound

Your whisper fades into the air, into the soil
We drink from the stream of memories
We feed on you
We breathe with your lungs
You are telling our tales
To the wind and to the earth

(written 2018)

Thorns And Lilies – official video by Dennis Ostermann