Highlight the Essence of Your Book

Classic Editing for German Translations of Novels and Theoretical Literature

I‘ll give your manuscript a narrative and linguistic polish.
(For English speaking authors and translators for English/German or Polish/German)

The manuscript editing service is available for books written in or translated into German (English/German and professional Polish/German). It‘s addressed to authors or translators with a final version of their manuscript who need a keen and professional eye before sending it to an agent or publisher.
Or are you just planning to share your English book with German speaking readers and you still need a translator?

How can we make your book shine for a German speaking audience?

The first 30 pages …

of your book or your translation and a description of your work will decide if I might be the right editor for you.

If not, you‘ll receive my feedback. We‘ll find a way. I‘m happy to support you.

The quick but passionate analysis

If I‘m the one, you are invited to book a quick analysis of your manuscript (I‘ll need the original English or Polish and the translated version).

We‘ll meet online to chat, get to know each other, and define your needs. If you don‘t mind — I love to work with both of you: the author and the translator.

My detailed summary will come with my overall impression and first suggestions.
What makes the German version of your book special? Where do the details hide that need a little more polishing?

And I‘ll send you a quotation for a literary and linguistic in-depth analysis with at least 2 options to choose from.

Your investment for a first analysis:

€320,00 (excl. VAT) (rough examination comparing the German translation with your English or Polish original, 60 minutes of getting together, and detailed feedback)

Working on your translation

Once you’ve accepted our agreement and paid the first invoice, I‘ll dive into your manuscript.

Every translated sentence will be examined by my linguistic and narrative magnifying glass. The English/Polish original will be my guide:
Does the sound of your translation swing in the same rhythm as the author’s tone of voice? What about linguistic correctness? I might spot narrative disbalances, but they‘ll be rare, since my editor colleagues work as thoroughly as I do.
During the whole process of editing, we or your translator will be working together as closely as possible. The frequency and tools of communication are part of our agreement.

You‘ll receive the annotated manuscript with a detailed summary and explanations. During your revision, I‘ll be available to you to discuss my comments, notes or your questions to the agreed extent.

My work behind the scenes

Thank you for your trust. It‘s always a small miracle to be granted to dive into the written work of another person. And I love translations and translating!

Your investment for editing the German version of your book

My prices for translation or translation editing depend on how complex and time-consuming the project is.

How intensively will I be involved in the process of finalising the German version of your book? In what shape is your translation? Do you need localised fact checks for a German audience?
The lower my efforts are, the lower is your budget. That‘s why I don‘t define the price exclusively by page numbers. Books and their authors are one of their kind, with the most diverse requirements for me as an editor or translator.

The payment of 60% of the agreed fee is due before I start editing or translating — 40% after the handover of the edited or translated manuscript. We‘ll agree on a new price after each lap in which the manuscript changes between us. After the revision, you can consider whether you would like to continue working with me as a translator or editor (commission of another lap or a final proofreading).

What I need to know about you:

I‘ll handle your data with care. Feel free to read my privacy notice before filling out the registration form.

I own the copyright of the (translated) manuscript. The true author has commissioned the translation of her*his book.

  • Yes
  • No

The original version of my book is written in:

  • English
  • Polish

I need you in the role as:

  • a translation editor
  • a translator for English/German

My book is:

  • a novel
  • a collection of short stories, essays or journalistic texts
  • my autobiography
  • a theoretical book or a guide

Please give me a few keywords that describe your book and you as an author:

Thank you! That was the first step. You‘ll receive a confirmation email with a signed declaration of confidentiality and copyright. I look forward to learning more about you and your project.