Explore Your Genuine Language

My Own Genuine Language — Follow Traces

We will use different keys and codes to open your inner door.

What are your ways to get there? How can we work together to express the things moving inside of you? What is there to discover and explore, to learn and practice?

Will we create structures or experiment?
Will you write or work with your voice?
Will music or visual art matter?

The methods we will apply to explore your genuine language will be individually tailored to you.

I‘m delighted! Thank you for connecting with me and for your trust.

So, what comes next?

Please use the form below to register for your individual session.

  1. I’ll send you our coaching agreement.
  2. Once you’ve accepted the agreement, we’ll take a virtual or written walk to get to know each other.
  3. I‘ll send you your questionnaire and an invoice.
  4. Once you‘ve answered the questionnaire and paid, we‘ll schedule our session. We’ll meet online to get closer to the bottom of your own language.
  5. The day after our online meeting, you will find a detailed summary in your inbox including our insights and tips to dive deeper and keep the flow.

Your investment for a language course:

€170,00 (excl. VAT) (preparation, 60 minutes of coaching and a detailed summary)
We will agree on the price and scope of all follow-up sessions individually.

You can book your session here:

I will handle your data with care. Feel free to read my privacy notice before filling out the contact form.

Our preferred language of communication will be:

  • English
  • German

Your mother tongue(s):

Thank you! That was the first step. You will receive a confirmation email with our coaching agreement. I look forward to meeting you soon.