Discover the DNA of Your Writing

I. Birth — The DNA of My Story

We explore the sparkling essence of the book that wants to be written by you.
(For authors of fiction and non-fiction in German or English)

Someone — or is it something? — is knocking on your inner door. We are looking for the heart, the actors, the places of your novel. Let‘s dive into the sea of your thoughts, hunches and memories to shape your words out of them.

This coaching is ideal for anyone who has got hardly any written material. What do you have to tell your readers? How could your book evolve?

We will see through the fog of vague ideas and identify impulses that can initiate the birth of a story.

And I‘m as curious as you are. Thank you for your trust!

How we get to know your book better:

Please use the form below to register for your individual program.

  1. I’ll send you our coaching agreement with a non-disclosure clause. I honour the intellectual property of artists. Your words are safe with me.
  2. Once you’ve accepted the agreement, we‘ll take a virtual or written walk to get to know each other.
  3. I‘ll send you your questionnaire and an invoice.
  4. Once you‘ve answered the questionnaire, sent me your material (notes, drafts, concepts, etc.) and paid, we‘ll schedule our session. Then I‘ll analyse the status of your work and prepare for our (online) meeting.
    In 60 minutes we‘ll explore the realms of your book.
  5. The day after our meeting, you will find a detailed summary in your inbox including our insights and tips to dive deeper into your work and initiate the next phase of your book.

Your investment for a Les Idées book coaching I.

€270,00 (excl. VAT) (in-depth analysis, 60 minutes of coaching and an evaluation)

Here you can register for your book coaching:

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  • a novel
  • an autobiography
  • a non-fiction book
  • a guide

I am in the:

  • vague idea phase
  • preparatory writing phase
  • writing phase

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