Authentic promotion for artists and body therapists

Promotion merges with your work. The text is a part of your art now.

You live and explore your medium and experiment with new forms of expression. Your work is the reflection of a process. It speaks for itself as a soundscape, body in motion, or sparkles in the eye of its beholder. You work in an interdisciplinary manner and have developed your own methods in body therapy. To make even more people aware of this, language is needed.

I translate sound, image, and movement into words.

We focus on selected texts you’d like to publish in English or German — our work results in authentic print and online promo texts in your language. For the people you want to address.

We look at the original state and your goal: is it your website, your new album’s booklet, accompanying texts to dance performances or an upcoming exhibition? Do you describe your approach to body therapy? Are you looking for patrons, an agency, or a label? Or do we design a campaign for your latest book project?

I work with the linguistic fragments you provide me, your work, and what I see, hear, and feel.

Are you working on your current album or developing a new choreography or course? The transition from creation to publication can be painful, and moving from creation to the public requires energy. If you get in touch with me during the concept phase or shortly before completion, we can move from one process to the next together.

If our collaboration begins at a certain point in the creation process, I will witness your experience and explore the stories we can weave about it.

Do you need more verbal expression for what you intuitively do through music or visual design? We will look for the right words together.

Genuine texts are not prone to exaggeration, nor do they remain pragmatic. We stay close to your work and your personality so that you can identify with the result.

How much does our collaboration cost?

The scope depends on the amount of text, my role (copywriter or editor), the language (English or German), and, ultimately, your budget. We’ll talk about the price as soon as our collaboration becomes concrete.

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Nadine Stelzer

Word weaver, medium for genuine communication, singer, amateur dancer, and former Pilates teacher

I live and experience my art and the work with my body and the bodies of others. And I write about other people’s art and work with movement.