Les Idées

Ahoj, I‘m Nadine Stelzer.

Words are the cells of my organism. For as long as I can remember, I have been exploring their components, playing and experimenting with them, sensing and enjoying their sound. I find equivalents in different languages, let them melt on my tongue, and sparkle on paper.

As a word weaver and translator, I support mission-driven companies or individuals, artists, body therapists, holistic psychologists, and writers. To spread your message, knowledge, and beauty.

What to expect when working with me:

  • genuine communication
  • a holistic, pragmatic, and empathic perspective on written material and content
  • a sustainable collaboration
  • research-based and intuitive approaches
  • language and communication expertise
  • an experimental and physical approach to arts

The roots: over 20 years of experience in various industries and roles

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (1997-2001)
Slavic Studies, Comparative Literature, Cultural Anthropology, East European History
Magistra Artium 2007
Comparative Literature and Polish Philology (Freie Universität and Humboldtuniversität, Berlin)

As founder of Les Idées since 2007:
Writing and copywriting, editing, localization, transcreation, translation, analysis, and development of communication strategies. Organization and conceptualization of complex editorial projects with international, interdisciplinary teams.

Music scene
As a singer and songwriter, I have been melding my voice with the music of several artists and bands — on stage and in the studio.

Body and movement
5 years of mat and reformer classes, personal training, and workshops in Pilates Studio Via Pilates and several Fitness/Dance Studios in Berlin as a certified Polestar Pilates instructor.
Exploration of my body: Modern Dance, Somatic Writing (Sense Writing according to Madelyn Kent), Breath Work, Dance Therapy.

Currently working on:

  • my novel Intervalle
  • an empowering medical guidebook with the neurologist Prof. Dr. Med, Hans Joachim von Büdingen, and Trias publishing house: Handbuch Schlaganfall. Die Krankheit verstehen, Angehörige begleiten. (Stroke manual. Understanding the disease, support loved ones)

Basic training for audiobooks and voice acting, using spoken word as an art form in combination with music.

I‘ve worked with people from music, literature, photography, dance, the arts, handicrafts, graphic design, and body therapy.
I wrote, edited, and translated informational, educational, or marketing content for companies and organizations in medicine, media literacy, sustainable business, sustainable running fashion, environmental law, e-learning, and IT.

Nomad life
I‘m based in Germany and the Czech Republic.

You want to know more?

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