German transcreation and localization for mission-driven companies

Reach people, spread your knowledge, create change.

You initiate systemic transformation processes and actively shape them with long-term solutions. Your projects, products, and business models are dedicated to environmental protection or focus on animal rights. You promote human connection and personal development.

The learning content you publish and sell invites people to rethink. It fosters awareness and resilience on an individual level and contributes to sustainable change. It is one of your principles to transform complex knowledge and abstract content into accessible language.

Are you also planning to make your educational content or marketing materials available for a German-speaking audience?

I translate your message from English into German or edit German translations from English, Czech, and Polish.

Together, we develop a sustainable communication strategy that makes your mission tangible and creates transformation potential in the German-speaking market.

Transcreation and localization = impactful translation techniques

We keep your authentic flavour and melt it with the cultural sense of taste of your audience in Germany, Austria, or the German-speaking part of Switzerland — means: The original message and tone are preserved. Subtleties are adjusted to ignite sustainable impact.

Let‘s work together

A book, a series of articles, the launch or relaunch of your German website, a learning module, brochure, or voiceover texts: The price depends on the scope of your project.

Let’s find out the best solution for you and your mission.

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You will benefit from my experience, which I have gained over 20 years in various industries, roles, and different types of linguistic work. I have collaborated with international, interdisciplinary teams to organize and conceptualize complex projects.

Schlaganfallbegleitung gGmbH, Stiftung für Wirtschaftsbildung, Digital Pioniere, From Scratch (On, Landesanstalt für Medien NRW, Worthelden), Avallain (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V., Veritas, Cornelsen), Helliwood Media & education (Microsoft Education)